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It is a pdf conversion service that allows you to convert you web pages (and html,text file) to adobe pdf files.

Support batch conversion. Easy and Quick.








Why optimize (SEO) your PDF files?


A *.pdf file is considered a piece of content that Google indexes in its database. PDF file is like a webpage that you can find in Google SERPs.

If Google treats PDFs as pages, then these pages get a chance in rankings, and as a result, play an important role in getting more traffic to your website.

After the recent panda updates, many SEOs are looking for new and productive practices.
Often neglected tactic – using PDF files.



Content quality compared to the average web pages.


1. Does Google index every PDF file type?
YES.The good thing here is that Google gains access to most of the PDF files.


2. Does Google index PDF links?
People say that a links in PDF file is treated as the normal HTML link. The links may pass various ranking signals which are authority related, and also pass PageRank. Moreover, links in PDF documents that are indexed by Google (bots had already been crawling inside) could be followed by the search engine.

3. Do the PDF files index well in Google?
Again the process is the same. When good quality content is presented, the PDF file gains authority and there is a great chance for it to rank high – as good optimized page. When the PDF looks professionally made and provides helpful and trustworthy information then you have a successful SEO tactic.






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